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Custom Bracelets – Original

XBracelets Custom Bracelets Original
The ultimate is creating your own custom bracelet with a great look and exactly the message you want. Custom Original bracelets are made in the USA and are hand cast in metal and then assembled by hand.

Custom Bracelets – Laser

XBracelets Custom Bracelets Laser
Made with stainless steel and silicone, your custom message or graphic is laser engraved into the steel. These customizable bracelets have lower minimums and your order will ship quickly.

Ready 2 Go

XBracelets Charity Bracelets Ready 2 Go
You can get as little as 2 of these pre-made promotional bracelets and we’ll ship your order right away!  6 different bracelets and multiple colors to choose from!

Custom Bracelets Original

Awareness Bracelets Laser

Millan Foundation Fundraising Bracelet

Cesar Millan Foundation’s Bracelets for a Cause

The Foundation decided on the standard bead for their charity bracelets, using Cesar’s favorite phrase, “Pack Leader” on the top and “Cesar Millan Foundation” on the bottom.  They used five different color bands.

They’ve ordered four times in about a year, over 8,000 bracelets!  The bracelets are selling for$15 each.

They’ve just introduced a new Energy Pack, consisting of 3 different custom bracelets.

The Lexus CT Hybrid Event Bracelets

The CT Hybrid Product Launch Bracelets

Lexus was launching their CT Hybrid, their first car that was created with younger people in mind. They needed cool promotional bracelets to help support their ad campaign that included terms like “eco edge,” “urban zen” and “The Darker Side of Green.”

They decided on XBracelets custom wristbands with recycled tire bands because of their unique edgy look and eco friendliness. They were a hit and Lexus reordered almost immediately and then several more times after that…  This was one big-time successful campaign!

Myrtle Beach Safari Custom Bracelets

Myrtle Beach Safari is Saving Tigers!

The Rare Species Fund and Myrtle Beach Safari needed to find a new way of creating awareness and raising money to help save tigers around the world. They found it with XBracelets and are selling their long curved bead custom bracelets for $20! They started with 1,000 bracelets and made almost $17,000.

Fast forward and they’ve now reordered four times and have raised about $100,000! Also, think of the number of people wearing their cause bracelets and helping to create a movement!

Free Syria Project Charity Bracelets

The Free Syria Project

The Free Syria Project is made up of a young group of Syrian Americans. They needed to raise funds to provide humanitarian aid and create greater awareness for those in Syria who are in desperate need of help.

They chose XBracelets because they knew they could get a higher price than other fundraising bracelets and they wanted something people would actually wear. They used different color bands to represent the Syrian flag. They’ve re-ordered several times and now other similar groups also use these charity bracelets.

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