homepage Using XBracelets as Gifts with Donation, an online fundraising or crowdfunding site launched a couple of months ago. Several of the nonprofit fundraisers are using XBracelets’ Ready to Go collection to give to donors as a gift for their donation. Unlike XBracelets custom bracelets, Ready to Go are premade and small quantities can be purchased. So far, the program has […]

Ford Does the Combo Play on Custom Bracelets and Key Tags

   Ford has done the double whammy with both a custom bracelet and a custom key tag for the Mustang, both using our recycled tire material. Such a simple, yet powerful message, just showing their mustang (which we all know). Ironically, they’re running in opposite directions. The bracelet uses our cast metal round bead, with […]

Two Marquis NonProfits Create Custom Bracelets for a Cause

          We’d like to welcome two of our newest nonprofits to create custom bracelets, PETA and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Both used the Round Metal Bead to create their bracelets for a cause. Actually, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has already created two different bracelets and reordered one them. They’re […]