Cause-Related Marketing with Promotional Bracelets

The scene for cause-related marketing started in the early 1980s when American Express wanted to work with a nonprofit group to restore the Statue of Liberty. Ever since, different causes have used innovative promotions. One way has been through promotional bracelets. Studies have shown that it’s good for businesses when they use these types of promotions and causes to further their marketing strategies. For instance, more than half of consumers in the US buy products related to causes, and most consumers would likely switch brands to one that promoted a social or environmental cause. Using the promo bracelet as a tool for cause-related marketing is the best way to gain recognition for your non-profit organization or business.

How It Works
When you decide cause-related marketing is the best strategy for your business, you want to partner with a nonprofit to raise money for a good cause. You can choose any number of causes from helping the needy to building sustainable energy buildings or creating a recycling center. The best thing to do is to poll your customers or look at the interests of your target audience. If environmentalists are more likely to buy your products, it would be wise to partner with a nonprofit that is involved in some sort of Earth-friendly cause. However, most consumers respect any cause as long as it’s a good one.

As a good example of cause-related marketing, you can think of the many businesses and brands that joined the (Red) campaign. Apple promoted red iPods to support a global fund for HIV/AIDS prevention along with several other businesses. Your cause-related marketing doesn’t have to be that widespread, but it does have to have a purpose.

With custom bracelets, you can further campaigns like (Red). People see these bracelets and want to know what the cause is for, and in turn, they may also want a bracelet. If you have your name on the bracelet, you create even more buzz about your business.

Make Donations Easy
Campaigns should be launched at the checkout lines in department stores, super markets or box offices. Customers are asked if they want to donate and in return, they get a promo bracelet. The benefit of having a bracelet is that the customer is actually getting something in return to show their support, and they are also promoting your cause at the same time. This is why so many non-profit organizations use promotional bracelets. By partnering with other stores, you can generate more recognition for your company and offer a wider fundraising opportunity.

Co-Branding with Custom Bracelets
When your business partner with a non-profit organization, they will have their name somewhere on the bracelet as well. It could be a logo, a slogan, colors or just the name in small print, but you should come with a creative way to co-brand the cause. The message has to be easy to interpret, and you should pick colors that are trendy or stand out in a crowd. This will get more notice from other people.

Is Cause-Related Marketing Different Than Corporate Philanthropy or Sponsorships?
Corporate philanthropy is practiced through direct monetary donations to a non-profit. There isn’t any sort of co-branding or promotions that the corporation is involved in. It’s all given to the non-profit to handle. While a company name may be included at events as a sponsor, it may not be a prominent part of any fundraiser. Corporate sponsorship is more related to cause-related marketing because it does mean that your company name will be posted along with any of the non-profit events that you have donated money to.

Using Cause-Related Marketing and Promo Bracelets To Your Advantage
For businesses, this type of marketing promotes a more socially responsible image and also shows awareness of other issues and values. It provides a public opinion that businesses do care and want to support a multitude of causes. As studies have shown, it also makes consumers want to buy and support your products.

For non-profits, there are a lot of advantages. They receive support from a big business and get a lot of marketing for their cause. They are able to depend on a company’s marketing team to come up with advertisements and fundraisers that will invigorate public opinion and raise money for a cause.

Promo bracelets are one of the easiest tools to make for cause-related marketing, and it’s one of the best ways to spread a cause from one person to the next every single day. It also gives something back to people who have contributed to your campaign. If you are able to put your company logo, colors or name on the bracelet, it also provides free marketing wherever the wearer goes.

Giving Something Back
The main reason that cause-related marketing and custom bracelets work so well together is that you are giving something back. Not only are you giving back to the community, but you are also giving something back immediately to those who donate. Many people want to be able to show their support, and a promo bracelet is the best way to achieve that.

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