Custom Bracelets can Boost Your Brand

In a world that is flooded with branding, you need something to help you stand out. Custom bracelets from XBracelets are a fashionable, eye-catching way to promote awareness for your fundraiser, corporation, charity, product, or cause. These adjustable nylon bracelets come with a custom-stamped bead, showing off text and logos. Their versatility and multiple options make them a great way to get your brand and message to large amounts of people, and people love wearing them!

At XBracelets, we provide a wide variety of beads, with custom logo and text stamping options so you can choose the best way to flaunt your brand. Our nylon wristbands are of a higher and more durable quality than the silicone wristbands that so many promotional bracelets feature. With a wide range of wristband colors to choose from as well, XBracelets are almost endlessly customizable to fit your unique needs. We even make a eco-friendly custom bracelet from recycled tires, and every custom bracelet is hand-assembled in the USA, so you can feel good about your order.

Lately there has been a huge surge in the popularity of custom bracelets for raising product awareness. Why? People wear them! Unlike a t-shirt, which might get worn once, a custom bracelet is fashionable and easy to wear day after day. Our bracelets also come with a custom hangtag that can be printed on both sides with the logo and mission statement of your company, charity or project, which makes them excellent tradeshow giveaways, and is one more way XBracelets can help boost awareness of your brand. You can sell them for fundraisers, give them away as kickstarter gifts, or provide them as a reward to a valued customer; the options are endless, and it will get your logo sparkling at the wrists of people everywhere they go.

Don’t underestimate the power this can bring to your brand. To raise money and create awareness to help save tigers around the world, the Rare Species Fund and Myrtle Beach Safari decided to sell XBracelets. They chose a long curved bead bracelet, stamped on all four sides with their message, and sold them for $20 each. Their first order was for 1,000 custom bracelets, and it made almost $17,000. Since then, they have reordered three times, and raised about $70,000 to save this rare and beautiful species!

Bracelets are quickly replacing t-shirts as the best kind of billboard advertising you can have, and XBracelets has provided amazing advertising potential for many diverse needs, from the Salvation Army to the San Diego Zoo. No company is too big, nor project too small to see a benefit from these colorful little custom bracelets. Place your order today, and watch the mighty power of a little bracelet boost your brand.

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