A custom bracelets customer’s plea for help

Rare Species Fund is one of our best customers for custom bracelets. They have reordered many times and have raised over $200k using our fundraising bracelets. This short piece was in their recent newsletter and we wanted to share it with you, because it’s so very important. They do great work!

Help RSF Save Elephants From Poachers


The poaching of African elephants for their ivory has reached epic proportions. Recent missteps by well meaning governments around the world to “crush” or burn ivory has increased perceived scarcity. As a result prices have skyrocketed. Now ivory can fetch as much as $1500 per pound on the “black market,” further emboldening crime syndicates and terrorists to cash in on an increasingly profitable illegal trade. CITES/MIKE, the international organization that monitors the illegal killing of elephants for their ivory, estimates that about 67,000 elephants have been poached since 2011. To date the Rare Species Fund (RSF) has raised more than $1 million for conservation around the world. Today we need your help to Save Elephants From Poachers!

Click here: custom bracelets for a cause, to order their bracelets or click here to make a direct donation.



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