Custom Original XBracelets

From the smallest charities to the largest corporations, XBracelets have become a favorite tool for everything from fundraising to building a brand to creating a movement. Why? People wear them!

Both women and men of all ages love wearing these custom bracelets, because they’re new, different, fashionable and made in the USA. They’re just flat out cool!

Our custom bracelets tend to take a bit longer to create, so you’ll need to do a little planning ahead, but the wait is worth it!  XBracelets are custom built from the ground up and then assembled by hand.  And, all the manufacturing and assembly is done in five different states in the USA.  That’s important! Remember, nothing works better than bracelets when it comes to supporting a cause and joining people together. T-shirts do make great billboards, but they’re worn once and then thrown in the hamper. Your XBracelets will be worn every day!See some examples of custom XBracelets



For more information on creating a custom bracelet please use our contact form or email Dan at

Great for:

  • Fundraising (sell for $10 – $20 each)
  • Events
  • School Colors
  • Cause Bracelets
  • Sports Teams
  • Corporate Branding
  • Donation Gifts
  • New Product Launch
  • Charity Bracelets
  • Entrance Bands

Free Syria Project Awareness Bracelet

XBracelets come with your own 2-sided custom color hangtag attached to every bracelet! Learn more…

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Choose from 11 different colors or recycled
tire (eco-friendly) for your bands. Feel free to
mix & match between colors.