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  • USG Corp. ‘Saving Second Base’

    This USG Corp. breast cancer awareness bracelet was created to show their support for Giving Back Charities & The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer research and creating awareness for this important cause.
  • Gentiva ‘believe’ Bracelet

    Gentiva provides home health and hospice service to more than 350,000 patients nationwide.  These unique bracelets were holiday gifts for their roughly 20,000 employees.  Their logo is great on our round bead!
  • San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego Zoo has created three different bracelets for various events to help promote causes important to them. This one was created for their "Cans for Critters" program.
  • BP

    BP created this BP bracelet with our new round bead. The round bead was perfect to display their logo.
  • The Salvation Army

    Originally, The Salvation Army Canada created this "Dignity" bracelet to hand out at their Dignity Speaks event.  Since then, they have reordered and used them for other events and occasions. The Salvation Army Australia just recently created their own XBracelet too!
  • Camp Bluebonnet

    The Children’s Diabetes Camp and Camp Bluebonnet had XBracelets made for their summer camp. Their logo came out looking great!  Nice design!
  • Iowa State University ‘Cyclone Nation’

    Iowa State created their “Cyclone Nation” bracelets with the recycled tire band.  It says “There’s only one” on both sides and on the bottom “cyclones.com.” Great item for colleges!
  • Best Friends Animal Society

    “The No More Homeless Pets fundraising bracelets have not only been a valuable  tool for Best Friends, but also a unique, effective and accessible marketing tool for our supporters to show their commitment and spread the mission. These socially conscious bracelets have helped raise thousands of dollars for our organization, allowing us to continue the life-saving work across the country in an effort to one day achieve No More Homeless Pets.” –Namrata Chand/Best Friends Animal Society
  • Canadian Museum of Nature

    They are a natural history museum in Canada. They used two elements of their logos on their round bead, a distressed “n” on the top and their museum logo on the bottom. The green band definitely fits the nature theme!
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