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  • Lexus CT Hybrid

    Lexus used this bracelet to help introduce the CT Hybrid. Big success!
  • Dundalk High School

    We really like the "edgy" font they chose.  Really cool!
  • Conservation Foundation

    The Foundation created one of the coolest bracelets yet!  The front looks like it’s a coin, doesn’t it?  That's their mangrove logo...
  • Farm Sanctuary

    They used their font and logo for this bracelet. They’re using the bracelet to raise money to support their efforts to rescue farm animals and educate the public.
  • I Love Malawi

    They stayed very simple and we think it worked out well.  What more needs to be said?  Community One is using this bracelet to create awareness and provide as a gift with donation.
  • T Bar M Camps

    This bracelet is given to the kids that attend their camps. Turns out the parents are wearing them too!
  • Enloe Medical Center

    They're using this "Take Flight" bracelet to raise money to buy a new rescue helicopter. They were originally being given to employees who made a donation, but they were so popular they reordered them to auction off at gala fundraising dinner.  More than 100 bracelets were auctioned at $100 each!!
  • DBSA Bracelet

    The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is using their XBracelet to raise money for this important cause.  They recently reordered and we are so happy to know the bracelets are working!
  • Human Rights Watch

    Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.  This round bead bracelet with their logo is being handed out to every attendee at their upcoming annual dinner gala in London.
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