Fundraising bracelets

Fundraising with Custom Bracelets

Nowadays, every organization has a cause that they are raising funds or awareness for. Fundraising has become a fine art, and needs to be done in a unique way to be successful. XBracelets fundraising bracelets offer a branded spin on traditional fundraising products. Our bracelets are powerful fashion accessories that can help your company raise your target funds in the shortest amount of time possible.

Since your bracelet will be made custom for you, we will work with you to decide on the message, logo, or information shown on your fundraising bracelet. Your message will depend on your cause. XBracelets come in different colors and fonts, which we will also decide on with you prior to beginning production. Our bracelets are made in the USA, just for you, and are entirely eco-friendly.

Fundraising Bracelets Ideas

Stand with Haiti Awareness BraceletUnderstanding your audience is key in the formula for fundraising success. Do you want to build awareness? Make people feel good? Support a cause? Some ideas for messages are:

  • “I pledged” as a thank you to hand out to sponsors and individual people who pledge to a marathon or league
  • Your custom logo in the metal bead, with your power statement like “Save the Bumble Bees”
  • “I support” with your cause listed
  • “3 million impacted” – Stating a powerful statistic can cause people to look twice at the bracelet


Bracelets Fundraising Events

Since we produce our fundraising bracelets in bulk, you’re getting a custom product at a wholesale price. We have seen time and time again that our wristbands fly off the shelves, and purchasers have no problem reselling the bracelets as part of their fundraiser. This is especially great for tradeshows or fundraising events, since it almost guarantees that your audience will walk off wearing your bracelet, and advertising your fundraiser.

Still, if you’re not ready to make the commitment of a personalized fundraising bracelet, try our Ready 2 Go bracelets instead. They have messages of hope and support, without being specific to any one brand.

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