Using XBracelets as Gifts with Donation homepage, an online fundraising or crowdfunding site launched a couple of months ago. Several of the nonprofit fundraisers are using XBracelets’ Ready to Go collection to give to donors as a gift for their donation. Unlike XBracelets custom bracelets, Ready to Go are premade and small quantities can be purchased. So far, the program has been very successful. It not only provides an extra incentive to donate, but because larger donations are required for the bracelets, donors are often upping their amount to get one…

Animal rescues and shelters tend to prefer animal cause bracelets like “Adopt Don’t Shop” or “Live Love Bark,” while other nonprofits tend to opt for ones that say “Giving Feels So Good” or simply “Thank you.”

Click here to see the Ready to Go fundraising bracelets. Also, if you’re a part of a nonprofit, school or an individual who needs to raise money due to financial hardship, make sure you visit It’s the new way to fund raise online.

Adopt Don't Shop - Blue awareness bracelet   Giving Feels So Good support bracelet

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