Thank You Bracelets (Thanklets)

We created Thanklets out of our frustration that saying “thank you” is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Have you noticed?  We have!  How many times have you opened a door for someone and they walk through without saying a word?  Or how about when driving, you let someone cut in front of you in traffic and you don’t even get a nod or a wave.  What’s happened to common courtesy?  This is not the way our parents raised us.  Is it the digital age?  Maybe the fact that we’re now so use to texting or tweeting, that we’ve become less personal? After all, “thank you” takes up 9 characters and we only get 140…

Help us put THANK YOU back into our everyday vocabulary. There are so many ways to use Thanklets and what a personal and lasting gesture it is to give one to someone deserving. You can even “pay it forward” with Thanklets. Take one off your wrist (maybe the one someone gave you) and give it to someone else on the fly, just because they did something special. Charities, how about giving them to your donors or supporters? Employers, why not give them to your hard working people? How about one to your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend, just because… Please just say THANK YOU!

In the spirit of “thank you” XBracelets will donate 10% of its profits from Thanklets to a different charity every quarter, starting with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Recycled tire and 5 different color bands to choose from.  Just click on your favorite color!


The Hangtag

Every Thanklet comes with a two-sided hangtag attached.  The back of the hangtag is blank, so you can write a short personal note to the deserving person receiving your “thank you.”

How people are using Thanklets